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can cleanliness be related to health, happiness and welfare? is there any relation between a clear space and a satisfactory mental state? these three videos trace what the market and business trends are asking for: new connections for cleaning. Should we forget the purest hygiene and rethink the resolution of our need in something more natural and immersive?

working and investigating on the limits of cleanliness perception in order to enhance user satisfaction with new proposals by improving usability and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.

one of the main goals of the project was focusing in the industrial production and its direct impact on the environment, introducing circular economy as a concept to keep in mind in such a matter as user experience.

all visual content has been taken from websites as nowness, vimeo or youtube. many projects are part of the amazing work of brands and people as: cos, studio nick verstand, nina van bart, ian derry and anna rose holmer.

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