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due to lack of access to transport facilities, 11.2 million workers in rural areas of india use bike as the most favoured form of transport. 

in india, riding a bicycle is related to poor social ranking. because of this, bicycle use is directly correlated with economic income, and is often used by the rural poor and the most vulnerable social segments of india’s population.

there is also a situation of non acces to eletricity in rural india, since the grid does not reach those areas. furthermore, there are continuous energy shortages for those who have access to that “precious luxury”.

this is where pds* was born, transforming (with no extra effort) human pedal power into led lighting, providing energy independence from the country’s usual energy shortages. this can be achieved with no cost, re-using parts of what people consider “scrap objects”.

if you want to know more about the project you can download the research phase or check newhive.com/pds. if you rather feel ready to build your own device up, download the instructables.

  he has been told about pds*                                  a family member or a friend have built a pds*          he saw pds* instructions printed somewhere


gets in contact with

has a social network with locals and expertise working with them


gets in contact with

uploads photos and variations to

the user is considered a codesigner and expert on making

prints instructions + orders chips and leds

receives chips and leds

follows the instructions and builds a pds*

find the necessary components

improves or adds variations to instructions and builds a pds*



Protection                            board

DC                          Potentiometer

out +




USB                                      in

USB                                    out



out -



LED                                (diode)

+    -

-            +

li ion                                battery

DC                                        motor

electric system desegregated in its components.

the energy is provided by the dc gear motor, which generates potential difference when rotated. the amount of energy created can be stored in the phone battery for later use. dc potentiometer and protection board are meant to control the intensity and direction of the input signal.

Built with Berta.me